Le musée imaginaire de Françoise Larouge

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 © Jeanloup Sieff

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François Truffaut. photographies de Pierre Zucca

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Andre Kertesz Empire State Building in a Puddle, New York City, 1967

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confused memories from music box, by 

TUILERIES - été 2013

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© Marion Blank, Notes on reading images, 2014

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Régine Chopinot à la Villette  1990 
Robert Doisneau

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Henri Cartier-Bresson  Paris. The Jardins des Tuileries gardens. 1975.

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Man Ray, Woman in Mask and handcuffs (1928)

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Henri Cartier-Bresson - Paris. Louvre museum. 1975.

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 Le Corbusier, 1907

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Catherine Deneuve. Paris. 1976.

Photographer: Helmut Newton

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hay muertes dignas?

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